A Fantasy Novel Series by D.M. Stoddard

Amanda's Quest (Shadowed)Book 2

Amanda’s Quest (Jan 2015)
Kingdom of Torrence publishing

Leaving her friends behind to ascend Mount Thoradan, Amanda journeys alone towards the northern realm to “recover” the legendary Horn of Valhalla and bring it to the Guild of the Crimson Pommel. With less than a year remaining she races through the barbaric lands of the followers of Odin to complete her blood-debt, promised as payment for healing the half-Elven druid princess. Only the completion of her debt will save her and her friends, but Amanda’s quest holds challenges beyond her comprehension. As events escalate, wizards, druids, knights, and warriors become entangled in deadly conflicts and two dragons become bitter enemies.

Free .pdf copy of Chapter 1 – New Beginning

The Legend Of Jerrod (Shadowed)Book 1

The Legend of Jerrod (Dec 2013)
Kingdom of Torrence publishing

Disillusioned with the thought of becoming a miller, Jerrod sets off to find fame and fortune. After prying a magical sword from the skeletal hand of a fallen knight, he and his new found friends undertake an adventure to recover the secret treasure of the Lost Kings. Accompanied by a wizard and a sage, Jerrod finds himself torn between his love for a thief and his blossoming love for a half-Elven druid princess. Armed with courage, steel and magic they battle formidable beasts as they race to reach the treasure first.

Free .pdf copy of Chapter 1 – The Beginning

Genres: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Sword & Sorcery
Subplots: Romance (PG13), Religion, Coming of Age


DM Stoddard by Nevada School & Sport PhotographyAbout D.M. Stoddard

D.M. Stoddard actively seeks to provide an interesting and enjoyable story for fantasy readers. His love for storytelling began when he was a pre-teen, writing fictitious stories that ranged from football games to modern war battles. In his twenties he wrote poetry and was introduced to fantasy role-playing games. After years of being a game master where he developed worlds and designed fantasy campaigns for players to enjoy, DM studied creative writing and Greek mythology at the University of Maryland. Later, while telling improvisational stories of whimsical forest creatures to his children at bedtime, he became hooked on storytelling.


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