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Interview by Kasper Beaumont

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Kasper Beaumont, which I really enjoyed. You can read the entire interview at:


Fandri's Eventful First Kiss - Kasper & Bailey BeaumnotKasper’s is the author of the Hunters of Reloria series and has just collaborated on a new short story spin off, Fandri’s Eventful First Kiss.


Kasper is also very active in the Fantasy/Science Fiction Network (not friendly to all cellphone settings) where she has hosted the interview.


DM Stoddard Radio Interview Jan 4, 2016 4:00PM PDT

Interview of DM Stoddard, author of Amanda’s Quest
January 4, 2016 from 4:00 to 4:30 pm PDT
KCKQ 1180 AM in Northern Nevada “around the world”
Lerue Book Hound for WebJanice Hermsen, of LeRue Press and talk show host of The Book Hound TM, will be interviewing DM Stoddard, author of Amanda’s Quest, book two of the Kingdom of Torrence series, on January 4th. The show is also available on the Tunein Radio application. For Tunein Radio, search America Matters, The Home of Community Radio.

The interview will include questions about Amanda’s Quest, and other interesting topics posed by Mrs. Hermsen. Please tune in…


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Holiday Cheer & the Coming Year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Amanda’s Quest was released on December 8, 2015, and has received its first ratings: all 5 stars from Goodreads fans. I hope that you are enjoying your copy too. Amanda’s Quest is doing well on Amazon, which will be the only outlet for the eBook format until March 2016. It is available in paperback through most distribution points. The hard back format should be available in January 2016.

2015-1227 Goodreads Ratings

I have been invited to and confirmed attending an interview on LRP’s Book Hound Radio starting at 4:00 pm on January 4th. I will update this post with information as it becomes available.

I also had a tremendous opportunity this Christmas to send out wishes with a number of other authors from around the world. You can view our video at: Christmas Wishes from Authors Around The World

My Work In Progress (WIP) for 2016 will be The Light of Ak’ron (c), book three of the Kingdom of Torrence series. The title was introduced in Amanda’s Quest by the Master of Bards, Reginald Rhinestone during the annual Bards’ Festival. I hope that Toni Rakestraw will agree to edit book three. Most certainly, I hope to continue my association with Streetlight Graphs for book formatting and cover design.

Thank your for all your interest and support. I am looking forward to a fantastic 2016. And now, off to Toys-R-Us to replace my grandson’s Moosey ….



Amanda’s Quest Manuscript & Websites Changes

The Amanda’s Quest manuscript has been submitted to my editor. I am moving forward on the cover art and maps.  I am also working on the editor’s changes. Still on line for the fall release of Amanda’s Quest.

Amanda’s Quest has all the characters that survived The Legend of Jerrod. It answers some of the cliff hangers from the first book, but creates some new questions for the future. Amanda’s Quest introduces Norse mythology and some Highlands elements as Amanda travels the continent of Ak’ron, through the Kingdom of Haithenbeurn and the U’thra Basin.

The author of An Anthology of Dreams suggested that I post some excerpts from Amanda’s Quest, which I will do shortly in a separate post. I am also going to redesign this web page and add an author’s web page. Another place to watch for information about this falls release is the Amanda’s Quest Fan Page on Facebook.

Amanda’s Quest & Author Events


I have been remiss in keeping up to date with the blog lately. A lot has been going on. I have contracted with an editor for the Amanda’s Quest manuscript, I am in discussions with the cover design, and I have been approached by a copy indie publishers about the manuscript. I have also been given approval to use the name Garrett for one of the new characters; Garrett is a young man whom I admire greatly and will be a prince in the upcoming book. So far it looks like I should make a fall 2015 release for Amanda’s Quest.


2015 Nevada Reading Week with Jacci Turner

This last weekend I was privileged to share a table at the 2015 Nevada Reading Week event with Jacci Turner. Jacci has a couple special books, one of which represented Nevada at a national event. Her most recent book was a collaborative effort with local students where Jacci provided story options and the students voted on the course of the story-line. Maybe we can get Jacci to do a special interview on the process.

Jacci and I both belong to the High Sierra Writers group and passed out several flyers for HSW during the event. Richard Arbib, who is also a HSW member, attended the Nevada Reading Week conference as well.


HSW authors, Carrol Purroy, Jacci Turner, and I donated autographed books to the fundraiser’s silent auction that occurred Saturday night. The books were included in a basket which looked fantastic.

Check these links out:

  • (Writers group in Reno, Nevada)
  • (Fantasy & Science Fiction authors)
  • (Wooster High School Band)

Gold Medal Finalist

The Legend of Jerrod by D.M. Stoddard
2014 Gold Medal Finalist
Next Generation Indie Book Awards

This evening the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, including submissions from authors around the world, announced that The Legend of Jerrod was a Gold Medal Finalist in the First Novel (over 80,000 words) category.

I am honored, but even more I am grateful to those who have helped me get here:

Beta readers: H.K. Gilbert, E.M. McCuskey, and C.V. Stoddard

Editor: PubShelf

Publisher: C. Manjak, design & layout team, and Friesen Press

What’s New

Biggest news – I will have a table at the authors’ expo in Reno at the Peppermil in April.

I haven’t heard from the Library of Congress regarding the music copyright for the Bard’s Song in The Legend of Jerrod yet. The next step will be to produce a music video.

I have completed the first draft of chapters 6 through 10 of Amanda’s Quest. One more read through and it is off to the beta readers. Chapters 1 through 5 have been reviewed by the beta readers. They love it so far.

I have also been a beta reader for a new manuscript written by Katie Thornton-Kinch: The Storm Gathers.

It is a cross between Van Heilsing and Jessie James. The storyline is very creative. I look forward the reading the rest of the book.

This manuscript is preceded by two books, one of which will be released this month. The first is at:





Discounted price for the revised edition of The Legend of Jerrod

The revised edition of The Legend of Jerrod is now available at a discounted price.

Print copies at about cost until December 31st:

eBook copies for 99¢ from December 22nd until the 29th:


Enjoy the story and happy holidays!

Coming the Week of December 9, 2013: The Legend of Jerrod Revised Edition

Honorable Mention from the 2013 San Francisco Book Festival. JM Northern Media Book Festivals, May 18, 2013.

“Move over J.R.R. Tolkien, D.M. Stoddard has crafted a promising beginning to a new epic quest, one that takes readers on a fantastic journey through a magic realm. …a compelling epic story that will be enjoyed by any fantasy-loving reader. …sure to become a staple of the fantasy genre for a long time to come.”

– Bruce Haring 2013 San Francisco Book Faire critique.

On the created world of Dendur, wizards and illusionists, druids and witches, alchemists, and the magical music of bards guide and protect lives in a world where the ancient gods come and go as they please. But one new religion threatens the source of all their magic. Human, Elvin, and Dwarven kingdoms span the continents, much of which remains untamed. Some of the ancient kingdoms have been lost and most of the dragons have retreated to a single island. It is a time of heros and great deeds.

The reader will meet a legendary bard who spins a magical tale of Jerrod and his friends into his song. He sings of warriors fighting with weapons; magical beings casting spells and drawing power from nature; and characters who just aren’t quite who they seem to be. During the story a young dragon grows to adulthood. It is a tale of love, betrayal, and survival.

The Legend of Jerrod: Disillusioned with the thought of becoming a miller, Jerrod sets off to find fame and fortune. After prying a magical sword from the skeletal hand of a fallen knight, he and his new found friends undertake an adventure to recover the secret treasure of the Lost Kings. Accompanied by a wizard and a sage, Jerrod finds himself torn between his love for a thief and his blossoming love for a half-Elvin druid princess. Armed with courage steel, and magic the battle formidable beasts as they race to reach the treasure first.


Book Status & November Blog Tour

First, let me say how much I enjoy hearing from my readers whether it is directly or in a book review. Thank you.

There has been a lot going on since my last post: submission of The Legend of Jerrod revisions to Friesen Press, preparation of the first five chapters of Amanda’s Quest for the beta readers, work on The Bard’s Song which I hope will be on YouTube in 2014, and preparation for Tracee Ford’s Dream Big blog tour in November 2013. I have been select for November 28th.

You can catch Tracee’s paranormal program at:

Friesen Press has formatted The Legend of Jerrod revisions and returned the proof for my review. At this point, the revised edition will probably be available in late Novembers. Fans have asked how they can purchase autographed copies. If you contact me through this web page or by email after the revised addition is available, we can work something out.

In my first draft of Amanda’s Quest, Amanda is in the northern kingdom who are followers of Asguard while Jerrod and the others are preparing to leave Agganon. By chapter 3, Nathanial is just implementing the next phase of his plan. Rok-lin is a full sized, young-adult dragon. Oh, and the witch is back…

Amanda faces physical and mental tribulations that will challenge her forever. Her love for Jerrod is called into question. Meanwhile, Jerrod’s love for Rhonda and his own magical power are growing.

What does the future look like? I am going to double the size of the map in The Legend of Jerrod. It will probably be in the History & Arms section of Amanda’s Quest. The sequel may also have a map from the perspective of the northen kingdom and I am considering including a drawing of Torrence. I already have some notes for book three and have conceptualized book four.

I will post a link to Tracee’s November blog tour so you can follow along. She is going to visit one author’s blog, from a variety of genre, each day in November.