Authors Lillian I. Wolfe and H.M. Clarke

I would like to give a shout-out to two talented authors

Authors Lillian I. Wolfe
and H.M. Clarke

I have come to know theses authors and would
like to introduce you to their recent projects.

Lillian I. Wolfe

Lillian shares her home in northern Nevada with her best friend for the past thirty-odd years, four lovingly-superior cats, and one feline-dominated dog.
She is a member of the High Sierra Writers Group and the Fiction Writers Group.
 About A Song of Betrayal… Zoe Sarkis appeared to be the perfect wife for an up and coming investment manager.  Until he murdered her and fled the country. Now, Zoe’s soul refuses to cross over until her killer is brought to justice.
For funeral singer and spirit escort, Gillian Foster, this is a new mystery to solve. While the Reno police have few clues to Nick Sarkis’ whereabouts, she has access to information they do not have.  On the ethereal side, soul thieves, known as Shades, are pushing back at her interference and their threats are personal. Knowing she must amp up her defenses, she seeks more knowledge and training.
Can she track down the killer, defend against the Shades, and possibly save a soul?
The third book of the Funeral Singer series continues from A Song for Menafee.
When I asked Lillian if there is one thing to tell your readers she responded that the Funeral Singer series is following an overall arc to the main plot, but each novel is a complete story in itself.
So what’s next for Lillian? She is currently working on the 4th book in the series, A Song of Redemption, which is planned for release in early spring.

H.M. Clarke

 In the past, H M Clarke has been a Console Operator, an ICT Project Manager, Public Servant, Paper Shuffler, and an Accountant (the last being the most exciting.)  Now she is a writer of Fantasy and Sci Fi.

She attended Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, where she studied for a Bachelor of Science (Chem), and also picked up a Diploma in Project Management while working for the South Australian Department of Justice. She keeps threatening to go out and get a real job (Cheesecake Test Taster sounds good) and intends to retire somewhere warm and dry.

In her spare time, she likes to lay on the couch and watch TV, garden, draw, read, and tells ALL her family what wonderful human beings they are.

About The Way to Freedom… This collection contains the complete first season of the epic fantasy saga, The Way to Freedom – all FIVE debut season episodes. Save 40% versus buying the individual episodes!

“This Hatar Kalar has more natural Talent than any Second Born found in the Empire.”

Every ten years the Imperium Provosts travel the provinces of the Great Suene Empire and take every second born child as the property of the Emperor. His Due for their continued protection.

Kalena, taken from her family and friends finds herself alone and scared in the imperial Stronghold of Darkon. And when she cries out to the darkness for help, Kalena is shocked when it answers her back.

Authors Kathleen Berry, L.F. Falconer, and Tara West

I would like to give a shout-out to three talented authors

Paranormal Author Kathleen Berry
and multi-genre Authors L.F. Falconer and Tara West

I have had many occasions to speak with these multiple award winning, hard working authors.
Here is a look at their most recent projects.

Kathleen Berry

Kathleen Berry, manager of a community college’s Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series , has worked with many of the West’s best paranormal investigators and psychics. Stemming from her experiences, she published the spirituality memoir, “A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian” and writes a regular blog at

Kathleen explores what happens when ghosts confront a religiously narrow skeptic. She joins a CBS affiliate news crew and paranormal investigators as the team’s impartial observer. Their first stop: central Nevada’s fabled Goldfield Hotel. This 12-hour, overnight odyssey in the long shuttered, four-story hotel pulverizes her beliefs that the paranormal is evil or figments of the weak-minded. It also threatens her fragile health.

Eerie activity confronts her on every floor. She hears, feels, and sees spirits—and they aren’t what her pastor preached or Hollywood portrayed. The group’s psychic tells Kathleen that Goldfield has opened her third eye. Having an evangelical background, she must face her years denying that she possesses a sensitive’s gifts and, therefore, may be bound for hell.

About A Reluctant Spirit… A true tale of God, ghosts, and a skeptical Christian relates how this night wrenches her reality, impacts her health, and leads to her spiritual transformation. Kathy shares insights into the mysteries of life after death, why coincidences do not exist, and why we should heed our intuition. A Reluctant Spirit chronicles how Kathy reconciles her supernatural experiences with her Christianity and comes out stronger for it.

Her book has received accolades from Kirkus Reviews, calling it “intriguing” and “a gripping account.” The Reno News and Review named her Northern Nevada’s Best Female Writer of 2014. In addition, she’s been a featured guest on Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory.

When I asked her what she would like to tell my readers she responded to always examine fear: if you are afraid of the unknown, release your trepidation and be open to what’s out there. You’ll probably be quite surprised where it would lead you.

As for what’s next? Kathy like to write another book, but she is not sure the direction it may take. She is also considering whether to start a web-based spirituality class about Christian mysticism.

Visit Kathleen’s Amazon Author Page at

L. F. Falconer

She can’t sing and she can’t dance, but Nevada author L.F. Falconer has been transforming words into stories since childhood. Growing up in a haunted house fostered her fascination with the unknown and kindled her imagination while she honed her craft with classes in journalism and creative writing.

An independent author of Dark Fiction, she has published seven novels and one collection of short stories, available online at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her novel, The Vagabond’s Son was the 2015 Epic Fantasy Finalist in Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, and she has had several short stories published in WeirdBook Magazine.

When she has time to relax, she enjoys exploring the roads less traveled, discovering what might lie beyond the next curve.

Her novel, The Vagabond’s Son, placed as Finalist in Epic Fantasy in Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, and she has earned numerous small awards in both the USA and the UK.

A wife, mother, and grandmother, she resides in her home state of Nevada where she enjoys challenging Mother Nature in gardening duels, and exploring the roads less traveled.

About The Legacy of Skur...

In a land where magic and myth still reign, a wizard’s quest goes terribly wrong. A protective talisman unleashes a curse and two children born of darkness will come to rule.

No one has ever returned from Skur. “It’s a death quest,” Fane is told, but he ignores the legends, compelled by the belief that hidden among the dragon’s trove is the key to eternal life. Armed with little more than a sword and a magical talisman, Fane fights his way up the mist-enshrouded mountain of Skur, his misadventures soon creating a legacy for generations to come.

A three-book set for mature readers, this epic saga of love, betrayal, vengeance, and friendship follows the pawns shrewdly manipulated by the gods within a celestial game of dominance. It’s survival of the fittest as the players are maneuvered across the field. These are their stories: Fane the wizard, Kael the warrior, Adalanto the Piskie, and Elva the legacy.

Taking a look at her newest release – A Debt of Survival… Sheriff Don Lattimore has his demons, but when one of them goes on a killing spree, the cost of stopping it doesn’t come cheap.

This supernatural thriller takes place in the small town of Diablo Springs in northern Nevada. After doing his stint in the army, Don Lattimore buried his battlefield demons deep inside and settled comfortably into the quiet peace of his hometown.

Serving as county sheriff for nearly two decades, he’s enjoyed the tranquility of the Nevada desert until the day he discovers evidence of satanic activity inside an abandoned house. Now he finds himself trapped in a showdown with his own nightmares. Something inside him has clawed itself free to fulfill a chilling prophesy, and the good people of Diablo Springs begin to die.

The only way Lattimore can put a stop to it comes with a price—a price he’s unwilling to pay. But to save his community and his family, he must. And time is running out.

When I asked her what she would like her readers to know, she responded  that she believes reading should be an enjoyable experience, so she strive to make my stories as entertaining as possible. Even though most of her longer works hover around themes of timeless social issues, her main objective is to entertain.

She writes about hard social issues:

  • A Debt of Survival – PTSD
  • The Vagabond’s Son – child abuse and social alienation
  • Hope Flies on Broken Wings and its sequel, Hope Rises from the Ashes – segregation of socio-economic classes and domestic violence.

She has some favorite reviews that she wanted to mention:

    Blue Ink Review writes, “Falconer offers an intriguing and well-crafted fantasy of epic proportions.”

    Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite writes, “Definitely a thrilling read.”

    Trisha Dawn, Readers’ Favorite writes, “The Vagabond’s Son: Prelude to a Legacy is a must read. This is one to watch out for.”

Visit L.F. Falconer’s Amazon Authors Page at

Her web page at
And Twitter @lffalconer

Tara West

Tara West writes books about dragons, witches, and handsome heroes while eating chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. She’s willing to share her dragons, witches, and heroes, but keep your hands off her chocolate. A former high school English teacher, Tara is now a full-time writer and graphic artist.

She enjoys spending time with her family, interacting with her fans, and fishing the Texas coast.

Awards include:

  • Dragon Song, Grave Ellis 2015 Readers Choice Award, Favorite Fantasy Romance
  • Divine and Dateless, 2015 eFestival of Words, Best Romance
  • Damned and Desirable, 2014 Coffee Time Romance Book of the Year
  • Sophie’s Secret, selected by The Duff and Paranormal V Activity movies and Wattpad recommended reading lists

Tara is one of twenty-five author who contributed to Wrath and Ruin. Take flight with all new and exclusive stories that are out of this world, including full-length novels from some of today’s most popular names in science fiction and fantasy!

From magnificent dragons, bloodthirsty aliens, and mad genetic engineers to intergalactic wars, magical curses, and fantastical worlds, you’ll find everything you’ve been waiting for in this heart-stopping, limited edition collection.

With over 100 hours of reading, you’ll be able to travel to faraway lands and distant planets. A safe return cannot be guaranteed.

About Curse of the Ice Dragon… Born with mark of the Mighty Hunter, Markus saves his village from the brink of starvation-for whenever he releases an arrow, his aim is true. But despite his skill and strength, Markus is unable to confront his tyrannical father.

Shamed by his cowardice, he distracts himself by needlessly shooting the forest creatures. When Markus takes no heed of the village prophet’s warning that his actions will attract The Hunter’s Curse-for every animal Markus kills, his loved ones will suffer the same fate-the Sky Goddess unleashes her ice dragon.

Now, Markus must flee the dragon without killing it … or his beloved brother will be the next to die.

About Spirit of the Sea Witch… Desperate to escape the wrath of the vengeful sky goddess, Madhea, a group of brave young explorers flee to the sea. They search of safe haven for their people while the apprentice witch Dianna steals away Madhea’s dragon to The Shifting Sands. Though they are an ocean apart, the future of all humanity lies within their entwined fates. Before they can defeat Madhea, they must stop the vindictive sea goddess, Eris, from destroying the world.

When I asked Tara what she would tell her readers she responded, she appreciates the readers patience as she works on finishing up the Keepers of the Stones Series. She is relentlessly working toward completion which she hope will deliver another excellent story-line.

What’s next for Tara? Wraith and Ruin will be released in January 2018 which will feature book one in my Keepers of the Stones Saga. Curse of the Ice Dragon, Book Two, and Spirit of the Sea Witch also releases in January.

Visit Tara’s Amazon Authors Page at

Or at her web pages
And Twitter @TaraWestauthor

She loves to hear from her readers at:

Veterans’ Day Today

Veterans’ Day Today
By D.M. Stoddard, USN (ret.)

Sleep now, oh brethren.
Do not furrow thy brow.
Peace and freedom you set,
Quietly lumbers on.

Protection cast of old,
Like blanket on a bed.
Our rights  claimed heedlessly,
Our nation struggles on.

Our opportunities,
We gain your sacrifice.
Sleep now, oh brethren.
We honor you today.


To me, there is not a more powerful image of sacrifice than the USS Arizona Memorial. I have visited it several times, but its the timeless image of the photograph that take my breath, focusing my heart on the unprovoked loss of December 7, 1941. And it is that loss that has come to represent the Veterans’ sacrafices to me.

The USS Arizona (BB-39) was a magnificent ship. At 7:48 am the crew, like the rest of Pearl Harbor and Hawaii, were just waking up. Just for being present and willing to serve, 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors and Marines made the ultimate sacrifice.







Certainly our veterans have provided for our safety, peace, and freedom for hundreds of years. I was reminded yesterday that Veterans’ Day arose from World War I Armistice Day, which occurred at 11:00 am on November 11, 1918 – “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”. It is impossible to capture more than the essence of their sacrifice, but here are some other images that move me.











Despite our best intentions, some of our brethern are left behind on battlefields or disappear into the smoke of the skirmish. My step-uncle disappeared over the South China Sea in World War II.

After their service, most Veterans are laid to rest in local and national cemeteries. There are memorial cemeteries all over the world where United States military rest. For each and every veteran, a symbol of honor for their final resting place is Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.




Sci-Fi Author Robin Lythgoe & Children’s Author Diane Mae Robinson

I would like to give a shout-out to two talented authors

Robin Lythgoe & Diane Mae Robinson

Both are fantasy/sci-fi authors that I have come to know; Diane introduces fantasy through multiple award winning children’s books.
Here is a look at their most recent projects.

Robin Lythgoe

Robin Lythgoe spent her formative years in a family of seven readers (including herself). She was immersed in books of nearly every variety: historical and modern romances, mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, historical fiction, westerns, and the occasional horror. Fantasy, with its wonderful worlds and creatures and magic, firmly captured her heart, much to our benefit.

Robin has been dragged across the United States several times and has volunteered for several more trips on her own terms. She spends lengthy visits at museums and historical sites, and still manages to read everything in sight. As if that is not enough, Robin looks up even more interesting facts on her trusty traveling data center.

She graduated from a tiny school with a class membership of a prodigious fifty-one students. Robin even sacrificed part of a grueling summer to study a year’s worth of foreign language enabling her to  graduate early with extra credits.

Her husband calls her a “brown ajah”, which is acceptable when he is referring to dark chocolate (because milk chocolate is a color, not a flavor). She’d “open a vein and bleed,” but she’d get chocolate all over the keyboard.

Although she’s never trained as a thief or ridden a dragon, Robin writes tales about wizards and magic, fantastical places, and extraordinary journeys.

About Blood & Shadow… A vengeful mage. A powerful gift. A naive youth. Sherakai never wanted to become a warrior like his father and brothers. Satisfied with being fourth in line to inherit title and responsibility, he wants only to be Master of the Horse. But on the eve of his sister’s wedding, a terrible gift arrives and Sherakai’s course changes forever.

His magic is the key to secrets he does not know or understand, and he must learn to fight in order to escape a future he doesn’t believe in. Inevitably, he must use what he hates to regain what he loves.

When I asked Robin if there was one thing to tell your readers, what would it be she had two parallel things to offer:

    First, the wisdom inside a Dove candy wrapper: “What are you waiting for?” Interestingly, this came to me at the very same time another favorite quote resurfaced: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Visit Robin on her Amazon Author’s Page:

Or her web site at
Twitter @RobinLythgoe

Diane Mae Robinson

Diane lives in a small hilltop castle nestled amongst an old and magical forest. This mystical forest is where she finds inspiration to write children’s fantasy/adventures. Her first three books in The Pen Pieyu Adventures series have won eight international book awards and one prestigious provincial award. Her next book entitled The Dragon Grammar Book – Grammar for The Whole Kingdom is due for release in late 2016. Diane is also an art teacher and writing instructor.

Diane Mae Robinson has been imagining things all her life—imagining stories, that is. By the age of eight she was making plays, casting herself as the princess and her little sister as the prince (who would only participate is she wore her cowboy outfit). They performed the plays in the forest next to their house cheered on by a crowd of clapping kids.

Diane is most known for her multi-award-winning children’s fantasy series The Pen Pieyu Adventures.

The Pen Pieyu Adventures (3 books thus far) is about a precocious princess, Petra, who becomes a knight, and her sidekick, a smart-alecky dragon named Snarls, on their adventures and misadventures. The series is filled with, “zany characters, hilarious situations, wry humor, and titillating prose.”

  • Sir Princess Petra –The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book 1)
  • Sir Princess Petra’s Talent – The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book 2)
  • Sir Princess Petra’s Mission – The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book 3)
  • Sir Princess Petra’s Quest – The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book 4, still in imagination mode)

When I asked Diane if there was one thing she would like to tell her readers, she said: “Never clobber your dragon with a book. Just saying.”

What’s next for Diane?

Releasing any day now, The Dragon Grammar Book – Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom. 

Finally! An easy-to-understand grammar book with fun grammar lessons. The Dragon Grammar Book is the ideal grammar book for kids, dragons, and adults alike.

From multi-award-winning children’s fantasy author, Diane Mae Robinson, The Dragon Grammar Book introduces middle grades through adults to the basic rules of the English language with easy grammar lessons. Featuring the zany fantasy characters in the author’s The Pen Pieyu Adventures series, The Dragon Grammar Book is sure to be enjoyed by the whole kingdom.

Visit Diane at her Amazon Author’s Page:

Or at her website:

Authors Kasper Beaumont & Michael Eging

I would like to give a shout-out to two talented authors

Kasper Beaumont & Michael Eging

Both are fantasy/sci-fi authors that I have come to know.
Here is a look at their most recent projects.

Kasper Beaumont

Kasper J. Beaumont was born and raised in Australia and lives a quiet life with the family in a seaside town. Combining a love of fantasy and a penchant for travel, Kasper started writing at the strong encouragement of friends and family. She enjoys watching readers become immersed in the magical world of Reloria.

“Kasper” is a pen name for a rather shy author who is happy to remain unnamed.

The Hunters of Reloria trilogy is about the magical world of Reloria where halflings and fairies share a bond. Dwarves, elves, knights, and dragons inhabit this country, but their world is about to be invaded by scaly lizardmen and giant Cyclops.

About Fandri’s Adventures… Running away with the elves was supposed to be fun. After Fandri kisses sweet halfling, Emina, he’s chased off the farm by his pitch-fork wielding father and a crazy goat. Accompanied by a fairy, he runs away with knights and elves in search of adventure. After he makes friends with a squire named Varl, they travel Reloria on an elven quest. Encountering magical spells, dragons, deadly pirates, and a fierce bear, Fandri gets a whole lot more adventure than he bargained for.

Fandri’s Adventures is the prequel and great introduction to the popular Hunters of Reloria fantasy trilogy.

When I asked Kasper if there was one thing she would like to tell her readers, she said “Don’t judge a dragon before you meet him.”

What’s next for Kasper?

In a typical Kasper style plot twist, we have rumours of angels and demons paranormal romance. Nothing Is confirmed at this stage, but keep an eye on Kasper’s website for updates.

Visit Kasper at her website 

You can also find her on her Amazon Author’s Page at

Or Twitter @KasperBeaumont

Michael Eging

Mike has wanted to write since he was very young. His earliest memories are of carrying a battered old notebook around full of illustrations and stories from which he would often transpose to white paper with his grandmother’s old typewriter.

While in college, he was inspired by professors and visiting writers to BYU. Literary classics such as Song of Roland and Inferno were often in his backpack, along with Russian textbooks. Chapter 4 of his book Annwyn’s Blood was written during this time as a short story.

Mike is also pursuing his interest in screenplays for feature films with his first option being a medieval epic, Song of Roland. He continues to focus on a variety of script/movie projects, most recently a horror thriller, Feast of Saint Nicholas, and a political thriller, The Prince.

He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, Lori, and his wonderful children. He dreams of one day driving in his old Defender to Alaska with his kids and their dog, Marlin.

About The Silver Horn Echoes… As the Frank kingdom prepares for war, Roland, young heir to the Breton March, has been relegated to guard duty until a foreign emissary entrusts him with vital word of a new threat to the kingdom. Now Roland must embark on a risky journey to save all he loves from swift destruction.

And yet, while facing down merciless enemies, he must also reveal the hand of a murderer who even now stalks the halls of power and threatens to pull apart a kingdom that has just been reborn under the greatest of medieval kings, the remarkable Charlemagne.

For Roland to become the champion his kingdom needs, he must survive war, intrigue and betrayal. The Silver Horn Echoes pays homage to “La Chanson de Roland” by revisiting an age of intrigue and honor, and a fateful decision in the shadows of a lonely mountain pass —Roncevaux!

When I asked Michael if there was anything he wanted to tell his readers he explained that the Silver Horn Echoes is based on the award winning feature film screenplay, Song of Roland. Both pieces of work are inspired by La Chanson de Roland, or Song of Roland, the medieval epic. The screenplay was written first and was my first Hollywood optioned work.

What’s next? Steve, co-author of several of Michael’s book, and Michael have a number of other projects in the works, including a horror project entitled Feast of St. Nicholas. In addition, they are working on the sequel to Annwyn’s Blood, their first fantasy novel, entitled Sails of Shadow.

Check Micheal’s Amanzon Author’s Page out at

Or Twitter at @MichaelEging

Authors A.R. Silverberry and Raymond Bolton

I would like to give a shout-out to two talented authors

A.R. Silverberry & Raymond Bolton

Both are fantasy/sci-fi authors that I have come to know.
Take a look at their most recent projects.

I first meet these authors through social media. We were members of FSFNet together before it was closed. Now I follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. I would like to share a little about these two authors and their novels.

A.R. Silverberry

A. R. Silverberry writes fantasy adventures for children and adults. His novel, WYNDANO’S CLOAK, won multiple awards, including the Benjamin Franklin Awards gold medal for Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction. THE STREAM, his second novel, was honored as a Shelf Unbound Notable Book, and was shortlisted in ForeWord Review’s Book of the Year Awards. He lives in California, where the majestic coastline, trees, and mountains inspire his writing.

About Wyndano’s Cloak… Jen has settled into a peaceful life when a terrifying event awakens old fears—of being homeless and alone, of a danger horrible enough to destroy her family and shatter her world forever.

She is certain that Naryfel, a shadowy figure from her past, has returned and is concentrating the full force of her hate on Jen’s family. But how will she strike? A knife in the dark? An attack from her legions? Or with the dark arts and twisted creatures she commands with sinister cunning.

Wyndano’s Cloak may be Jen’s only hope. If she can only trust that she has what it takes to use it . . .

A tale of madness, friendship, and courage, Wyndano’s Cloak reveals the transformative power of love and forgiveness, and the terrible consequences of denying who you really are.

 Visit AR at his Amazon Author’s Page:
Or his personal web at
He is also  on Twitter @arsilverberry

Raymond Bolton

Raymond Bolton lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife, Toni. He says his goal is to craft gripping stories about the human condition, whether they are set here or on another world. Raymond is appreciative of reviewers with  praise such as, “Eschewing the more commonly overt manifestations of alien technology and the well toted elements of fanciful magic, Bolton breathes originality into the genre with his singular focus on telepathy.”

Before there was a kingdom named Ydron, before its sixteen provinces were demarked and united under a process we would one day refer to as The Joining, there was a period historians would call The Great Conflict.

About Thought Gazer (2015)… Everyone who touches you transforms you, if only a little. But if you enter their minds, think what they have thought, in effect do what they have done, how complete will that transformation be?

If he had been born an ordinary man, his family would be safe–safe as anyone can be in a land torn apart by war. It is his singular gift, however, that causes his wife and children to be imprisoned and held hostage and him to be used as a tool. Caught up in a struggle between opposing warlords and refusing to play the game, Peniff elects to take the moral high road. This is the story of a man, in all other ways ordinary, rising above his fears to do what he must.

About Foretellers (2016)… In this world where young and old, rich or poor, are at the mercy of armed marauders and the armies of the powerful, a warlord’s wrath forces a mother and daughter to flee for their lives. Despite being prescient, they cannot foresee all that lies ahead. Quickly separated, their every effort centers around reunion and survival. Without losing sight of these goals, one of them foresees that, if she travels to the conflict’s center and lends support to one of the two major powers, she has the ability to influence the final outcome.

About Triad (2017)… Heroic battles are not always won by the mighty. There are times when even the least likely among us play decisive rolls. Less able physically than anyone he knows, but paranormally unique, Bardik is recruited by a pair of psychics in the hope that, by combining his talent with theirs, they can turn looming defeat into victory. In this, the concluding chapter to The Ydron Saga, a young man who has lost the use of his legs—someone whom earthly culture labels paraplegic—agrees to lend his telekinetic talents to the effort to bring down a tyrannical warlord.

These novels are available in an ebook box set and separately in print..

Visit Raymond’s Amazon author page at

Multi-genre Authors Jacci Turner and Cheryllynn Dyess

I would like to give a shout-out to two talented authors

Jacci Turner & Cheryllynn Dyess

Broadening my literary pallet beyond fantasy and sci-fi,
here are two wonderful authors,
both of whom write in multiple genres.

Take a look at their most recent novels.

I first meet these authors through social media. I follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Jacci and I have been part of High Sierra Writers group as well. I would like to share a little about these two authors and their novels.

Jacci Turner

Jacci is the author of nine YA and Middle Grade books. The Retreat is her ​first book geared towards adults, The Retreat: A tale of spiritual awakening, ​came out in March with Harper Legend.
She has worn many hats in her lifetime: therapist, school counselor, campus minister, and mom. Her favorite hats are her writer and grandmother hats, which come in wild colors and don’t fit too tightly.
Jacci lives with her husband in Nevada’s high desert. They spend their mornings hiking through the sagebrush with their big yellow dog, Rocky.
About The Retreat… A week at a retreat becomes a transformational journey of spiritual renewal for a young Christian suffering a crisis of the soul in this poignant, illuminating, and spiritually wise teaching novel.

For her entire life, Amy considered her evangelical Christian upbringing the foundation of her life and beliefs. But when she stands up for her gay best friend, Amy is ostracized and banished from the church she loves–resulting in a crisis of the spirit that causes her to doubt her conservative upbringing as she enters her thirties. Seeing Amy’s pain, a caring friend raises the money to send her on a week-long retreat for contemplative activism, hoping that a few days of quiet reflection will help her rekindle her faith.

At the retreat, Amy meets two women her age–teachers who introduce her to new types of prayer–as well as Celeste, a seasoned mentor who takes Amy under her wing and gently shows her new ways to practice her faith. In the course of just a few days, Amy finds an inspiring and more meaningful view of God–and a new beginning full of hope, compassion, and healing.

 I asked Jacci if there was one thing she would like to tell her readers. She said, “Life is hard, hang in there. We can all make it out if we hold hands and help each other.”
So, what’s next for Jacci? She has  two books I’m currently shopping: a fantasy about a girl that sings to trees and a contemporary fiction about Snap chat gone bad. ​
 Visit Jacci at her Amazon Author’s Page:
Follow her on Twitter @JacciTurner

Cheryllynn Dyess

 Cheryllynn is identified with  the Teen, YA, fantasy, and paranormal genres, but paranormal and fantasy are her favorites.  She has also written mysteries and thrillers.
Cheryllynn began using her imagination  as early as 1984  when she started writing in junior high. She has nine books currently on her Amazon author’s page. Some of those original works are now coming to life.
She was born in Northwest Florida, was raised in Southeast Georgia, and currently lives in Central Texas with her family. Cheryllynn developed a love for nature and the outdoors that inspires her to create universes with vivid detail. Her hobbies include fishing, crochet, gardening…and, of course, reading.
After working almost twenty years in the health care industry Cheryllynn has returned to her love of writing.

 About Calastan, The Jein’s Journey Series Book 1… Each person has a distinct trait that’s either held in reserve or pursued without inhibitions. For reasons that vary, the latter may seem an egotistic act. However, not for Jein. Taking a path other than the one she believes is right is like betraying her own soul. This book features a young girl who deals with her individuality in admirably different ways. It tells a story of how she accomplishes exceptional feats in a world that draws an unyielding line between men and women. Follow Jein Kyominias, a girl who does not entertain the established roles other females of the upper class take in her land. Her rearing in a matriarchal society has certain paths laid out. She has chosen to be an elite hunter instead of a mere matron. She is unique in her fondness for activities that are specifically bequeathed for men. She decides she will be different—strong and different that is.

When I asked Cheryllynn if there was one thing to tell your readers she said, “Be true to yourself always, that is the only time your soul will truly be at peace.”

So, what’s next? Cheryllynn is currently working on three books and has one in the editing stages. She is hoping to start a clean romance novella series by the end of 2017 and by March of 2018 to have book 4 in the Jein’s Journey Series ready.

Visit Cheryllynn at her website:
and at her Amazon Author’s Page:
Follow her on Twitter @CheryllynnDyess

Fantasy Authors K.C. Herbel and Leisl kaberry Shout-out

I would like to give a shout-out to two remarkable authors

K.C. Herbel and Leisl Kaberry

It is a pleasure knowing these fantasy authors
who are  talented, genuine, and supportive.
Take a look at their most recent novels.

I first meet these authors through the Fantasy-Science Fiction Network and continue to follow them on Twitter. I would like to share a little about them and their novels.

K.C. Herbel

K. C. Herbel spent the first part of his adult life building robotic monsters in Hollywood, but now commits such dastardly acts with a pen. He lives hidden from his torch-bearing pursuers in the woods of Virginia, with his complex wife, a pack of hungry dogs, and a monster.


About The Innkeeper’s Son…  It is the first of four novels in The Jester King Fantasy Series. The main character, Billy, cheerfully runs the valley’s finest inn with his father and daydreams of a fantasy life in the distant courts of the kingdom. One night, a murderous stranger from his secret past emerges to take his life and the magic ring that belonged to his mother.

Billy flees home and is thrust into an adventure leading him to the highest courts in the land. But there are perils to such a journey. Monsters, giants, spirits, and brigands prowl the wilds of Lyonesse. As if that were not enough, a dragon wants to eat him! As he struggles to survive and unravel the mysteries encircling his life, Billy becomes aware of a menacing figure lurking in the shadows; a ruthless nemesis that has hunted him his entire life.

When I asked KC what was next, he said that he is finishing books three and four of the Jester King fantasy series. He expects they will be out October 6th and December 1st of 2017, respectively.

Visit K.C at his website:
and at his Amazon Author’s Page:
Follow him on Twitter @KCHerbel

Leisl Kaberry

Leisl Kaberry said, “I was never going to be a writer… seriously.”

Somehow despite Leisl’s lifelong love for making up and telling stories, she had no desire to become an author. However, after a creative urge spurred her on to write an idea for a scene, the world of Titania was born and she hasn’t looked back.

Born and raised in Australia she has lived in a variety places, including the Australian outback and Montreal, Canada. She currently resides in Kitimat, Northern British Columbia with her husband and four children. She is studying a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, is an amateur theater actor, and enjoys snowboarding during the winter.

Winner of RomCon Readers Crown 2014 for Fantasy.

About Titanian Chronicles – Ormnhi Moon… In the five years since Afeclin, Wolflang, and Lenna crossed the Tebelligan boarder, the Warlord’s presence in Marrapassa has strengthened. His trolls and dark knights have inhabited towns and cities, slavery has returned, and the people are angry and fearful. Adding to their unrest, the Dark Mage has grown in power and will stop at nothing to procure the elusive Merdaicur shells.

Hope rests on the shoulders of a few. The Scorpius Legion and, in particular, the courageous Wolflang are determined to see justice prevail while Afeclin is sent on a quest in order to uncover the truth. Skills and abilities are put to the test and allegiances are challenged as Afeclin learns to hone in his newly acquired gift. An encounter with a gold dragon and mysterious Norvakian Queen could be his undoing. Amongst the darkness and chaos, the sign of the foretold chosen one is upon them.

Titanian Chronicles – Ormnhi Moon

The Diamaar Druid held up his clenched hand, his long slender fingers clasping something small and solid. As he began to chant a ball of fire struck his throat burning his face and igniting his robes. His body was enveloped in a torrent of flames.
Then they saw him.
In a long black cloak with his hood covering his face, he stood before the raging fire.
The Dark Mage.
Zallucien let his gaze fall to the floor as his Window to the World began to darken.
The time was near.

Visit Leisl at her Amazon Author’s Page:
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Been Away Too Long – By D.M. Stoddard

The Light of Ak’ron

Let me update you on the Kingdom of Torrence series – book three. Over the last year I have been working on book three of the Kingdom of Torrence series. I made it through chapter eight when I decided to scratch what I had done and start over. Even the Beta Readers are anxiously awaiting a preview.

Book three starts off with Jerrod, Amanda, and Rhonda in Trisdale Keep where Jerrod gets a premonition that Nathanial somehow survived the Battle of Dometer Plains. Amanda and Rhonda ride off to Lithlillia to ask Rhonda’s mother to provide Elves and druids to help them. Meanwhile, Jerrod projects himself to Torrence to enlist Fraum’s help and inform the king. As if things are not already complicated enough, the Queen of Witches who has been watching them is confronted by the goddess Hecatē.

The manuscripts has the return of some old characters and the introduction of some new ones. A new shadow threatens Torrence and Lithlillia and the followers of Asgard march south. I often wonder which character is liked most; if you have an opinion, comment below (you may influence the rewrite of the manuscript).

Author’s Challenges

My doctor gave me an ultimatum to get healthy resulting in an “increased” amount of time at the gym. I have also been preoccupied with home repairs and illness – all drawing time from my writing. I am often reminded that life gets in the way of plans. I have adopted a new quote for life from the movie, High Road to China.

“The ox is slow, but the earth is patient.” Patrick O’Malley played by Tom Selleck

However, for writing, I still rely upon my creative writing professor at the University of Maryland.

“Just keep writing.”

On the upside, I have increased my tweet activities. Catch me at:

Twitter: @kingdomtorrence

Facebook: /kingdom.torrence

Amazon: D.M. Stoddard

Kingdom of Torrence series


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