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In the World of Dendür (From the Back of My Mind)

In the World of Dendür, I am writing on the manuscript of book three, The Light of Ak’ron. I am almost finished  with the first draft of chapter three. I would have liked to have been working on chapter five at this point.

The surviving heroes of the Battle of Demeter Plains (Amanda’s Quest) are in the Wilds Mountain Range seeking an on-going threat to the Kingdoms of Torrence and Lithlillia, but nothing is ever as easy as expected. The search party includes men, Elves, centaurs, and one very determined dragon.

I am finding that the characters’ unfocused search makes it harder to write. They know what they are looking for, but not where to look. As the author, the dialog is harder to construct… How would Jerrod react to this situation?  See my last post on how I was caught off-guard by Imelrinn’s history. Oh, and his torn love for Amanda and Rhonda is as confusing as ever.

While the search goes on in the Wilds, King Garrett is entertaining the Lady Mòr and her brother, Lord Ròidh, of Beinn Caladh (the Highlands). The king of Greensland might not be too found of the developing friendship between Torrence and the Highlands, and the implications for his young daughter who is betrothed to King Garrett, but the greater danger is the storm brewing to the north in Haithenbeurn. The followers of Asgard are on the march.

Felicia, Queen of Witches, returns as well. Her desire for the Dragon’s Orb (The Legend of Jerrod) is driving her to become more meddlesome in Jerrod’s and Amanda’s lives, and she is becoming confrontational with Hecatē, Olympian goddess of witchcraft.

It was such a peaceful kingdom.

Send me a note about who your favorite character is and why?

  • Amanda – female warrior and (ops.. spoiler)
  • Jerrod – miller’s son seeking fame and fortune
  • Drin – holy knight who (ops… another spoiler)
  • Rhonda – half Elven druid princess
  • Imelrinn – ancient Mountain Elve (Elf)
  • Fraum – sage and (ops… have you read TLOJ?)
  • Nathanial – wizard
  • Felicia – witch
  • Lady Lieisa – Elve (Elf) druid priestess and leader of Lithlillia
  • Sasha – large black panther or house cat, depending on the form she chooses to be in

I look forward to hearing from you.

D.M. Stoddard, author of the Kingdom of Torrence series

February 10, 2013 – Torrence

I woke in a blanket of bright morning sunlight defused across the bed. The story of Jerrod and Amanda travelling to Winfred was nagging at me; get up, write! My creative soul demands I continue drafting the next part of the story.

After fleeing south out of the kingdom along the Coast of Nasdrawuen, where Odin is worshipped by gruff, bearded men, Jerrod and Amanda return to Torrence. Conflicted by the events of their past their lives ares further marked with tragedy. But, before they travel to Winfred where Jerrod’s story began they must first survive The Legend of Jerrod.

Jerrod comes from a loving family and a friendly village. Village life is pleasant. The villagers like the miller and his family and, although the miller is not in a prestigious position, grinding the farmers’ wheat into flour for the baker is important to the community. But it is not the life Jerrod wants.

Winfred is in valley between the coast range of foothills and an inner range of higher hills and bluffs. There are several rocky knolls along the inner range that look over the Plains of Demeter. But the valley’s rich soil is covered with forests and farmland.

The village has several homes and stores. A coblers, a merchant, a butcher, and baker all have shops built of river rock. In the center of the village an open space covered with grass provides the villagers space for festivals and town meetings. The opening also serves as an open market each morning where the available farm goods are sold each morning. Around the grassy space are several terraces covered by vines that provide shading during the hot, summer days.

Almost as many families live around the village on small farms as there are families in the village. The farmers plow their fields with horse and plow. They weed with wooden hoe or on their knees as they pull the weeds from the dark soil. Grains, like wheat and barely, and vegetables, like corn and potatoes are sold to the miller and villagers. They also grow grapes which are pressed into wine. The farmers have their own dairy cow, but milk is taken to the villages to be sold in the market.

It is a happy, healthy life full of love and satisfaction, picturesque in a quiet, romantic way. Their lives include hard work that is completed at an easy pace. But Jerrod sees complacency. His burning desire to exceed the expectation of being a miller tears at his young heart. His goals, his desires, set by his dreams of wealth and honor must be acquired at the tip of a sword. It is for these aspirations that Jerrod sets out for Torrence.

Read of Jerrod’s adventures in the Kingdom of Torrence, The Legend of Jerrod. While you read I will be writing more of Amanda’s Quest.