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When Characters Takeover the Plot

In talking with other authors, I often find that some of their favorite stories are about times when their characters takeover the plot.

Full MapI was working on the manuscript for book three, The Light of Ak’ron, this week when I realized that the heroes of Torrence and Lithlillia were about to retrace the steps that most of them took in The Legend of Jerrod.  I spent a couple of days going back through the first book of the Kingdom of Torrence series, recording the timeline. In The Legend of Jerrod, Jerrod and his friends  started their adventures in Torrence, went through Lithlillia after some misadventures in the Black Forest, and then proceeded north to the Fjord of Menduran.

Empowered by my refreshed memory of the timeline, I sat down anxious to write the next scene for book three. I gathered the characters, described the scene, and began the dialog. They had already assumed that the object of interest was is the realm of the Dark Elves. As an author I prepared to lay out the dialog in which they were going to discuss traveling north to Sismen Pass, which they figured was a good starting point for their search. As my fingers began typing out the scene that I had spent more that two days preparing, Imelrinn, an ancient Mountain Elve (Elf), spoke up, “I can show you the way. I fought there once as a young man.

I had too laugh. Authors have to follow the personality of the characters and the logic of the story-line/plot. When I created Imelrinn, part of his history was participating in the Elven-Dwarven Wars centuries before. As he grew older he became the guardian of the princesses of Lithlillia. The Kingdom of Torrence series starts with Imelrinn watching over his third charge, the half-Elven druid princess, Rhonda. In The Light of Ak’ron the friends must seek out a threat to both the kingdoms of Torrence and Lithlillia, among other challenges that arise in the course of events.


March 16, 2013 – Nathanial, Rok-lin, & Rhonda

“Dragons and scales” is Nathanial’s favorite phrase when he stressed or angered, but Rok-lin never takes offense.

Their symbiotic relationship is strong; no one else can communicate with the young dragon. She had left the Isle of Dragons with Nathanial just before they left to seek the treasure in Terrace Xul. He was her only friend. Rok-lin had only known his thoughts until she met Rhonda, the druid princess from Lithlillia.

The half-Elvin princess can communicate with all of nature’s life. The birds, the trees, the plants, and the animals that wonder the forest all communicate with her to varying degrees. But Rhonda can communicate with Rok-lin. And Rok-lyn is starting to dislike it.

Rhonda is completely aware of the forest and her surroundings. It is almost impossible to surprise her while she is surrounded by nature, let alone the fact that she is half-Elvin, but underground?

While wizards must rest after their more powerful spells, druid magic has a different source; the power of nature is channeled through them. But one of the most basic rules…

Never anger a druid in the forest!