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Interview by Kasper Beaumont

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Kasper Beaumont, which I really enjoyed. You can read the entire interview at:



Fandri's Eventful First Kiss - Kasper & Bailey BeaumnotKasper’s is the author of the Hunters of Reloria series and has just collaborated on a new short story spin off, Fandri’s Eventful First Kiss.



Kasper is also very active in the Fantasy/Science Fiction Network (not friendly to all cellphone settings) where she has hosted the interview.


In the World of Dendür (From the Back of My Mind)

In the World of Dendür, I am writing on the manuscript of book three, The Light of Ak’ron. I am almost finished  with the first draft of chapter three. I would have liked to have been working on chapter five at this point.

The surviving heroes of the Battle of Demeter Plains (Amanda’s Quest) are in the Wilds Mountain Range seeking an on-going threat to the Kingdoms of Torrence and Lithlillia, but nothing is ever as easy as expected. The search party includes men, Elves, centaurs, and one very determined dragon.

I am finding that the characters’ unfocused search makes it harder to write. They know what they are looking for, but not where to look. As the author, the dialog is harder to construct… How would Jerrod react to this situation?  See my last post on how I was caught off-guard by Imelrinn’s history. Oh, and his torn love for Amanda and Rhonda is as confusing as ever.

While the search goes on in the Wilds, King Garrett is entertaining the Lady Mòr and her brother, Lord Ròidh, of Beinn Caladh (the Highlands). The king of Greensland might not be too found of the developing friendship between Torrence and the Highlands, and the implications for his young daughter who is betrothed to King Garrett, but the greater danger is the storm brewing to the north in Haithenbeurn. The followers of Asgard are on the march.

Felicia, Queen of Witches, returns as well. Her desire for the Dragon’s Orb (The Legend of Jerrod) is driving her to become more meddlesome in Jerrod’s and Amanda’s lives, and she is becoming confrontational with Hecatē, Olympian goddess of witchcraft.

It was such a peaceful kingdom.

Send me a note about who your favorite character is and why?

  • Amanda – female warrior and (ops.. spoiler)
  • Jerrod – miller’s son seeking fame and fortune
  • Drin – holy knight who (ops… another spoiler)
  • Rhonda – half Elven druid princess
  • Imelrinn – ancient Mountain Elve (Elf)
  • Fraum – sage and (ops… have you read TLOJ?)
  • Nathanial – wizard
  • Felicia – witch
  • Lady Lieisa – Elve (Elf) druid priestess and leader of Lithlillia
  • Sasha – large black panther or house cat, depending on the form she chooses to be in

I look forward to hearing from you.

D.M. Stoddard, author of the Kingdom of Torrence series

Creating a World

Full Map
Map from The Legend of Jerrod: History & Arms

I love creating worlds. I think I first fell in love with fantasy maps when I saw J.R.R. Tolkien’s map of Middle Earth. After studying architecture for two years, I had years of practice mapping worlds and underground adventures as a Dungeon Master (DM) playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).  I am also an artist. When I couldn’t find an affordable illustrator for the cover of The Legend of Jerrod, I painted the Sword of Trisdale myself; I used watercolors.

Sword Photo
Jerrod finds the Sword of Trisdale in the skeletal hand of a fallen knight.
Parents sometimes frown on D&D, but I found it expanded my imagination and creativity. With a good DM it is like playing a part in a dramatic play that somehow lost the script. Actors are left to wing in as they are tormented by, I mean guided by a director. Most of the time it is a good experience, but it can get a little dark as most things can.
Given time and a few tricks, anyone can draw a fantasy map. When I don’t have an idea of what a world should look like, sometimes I just close my eyes and squiggle several shapes on a blank piece of paper. Other times I begin with a more finite idea of what I want contents to look like. One consideration is the water-to-land ratio you may want, but it is not always important. Sometimes, I just limit my designs to a single content. I stay away from color maps because they are harder to reproduce and, if you are putting them in a book, more costly.
After you have your continents down, start adding rivers and lakes. Hills and mountains will often parallel your rivers. If it is easier, put the mountains in first. There are a number of examples of how to draw these landmarks, including lines, circles and upside down “V”s.  In my case, I added shading. Remember, in nature things are seldom completely straight, so have fun with it. You can be a simple or elaborate as you want. Just remember, like creative writing, have fun.

Look for new maps of the continent of Ak’ron in Amanda’s Quest, anticipated to be released in the fall of 2015.