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The Road to Publishing – On the Street (Part III)

Wow! I have my manuscript edited, the self-publishing is finished, and now….  what do I do with my book?

If you are going through a vanity press or other self-publishing service, it is a little easier; they do all the “leg work” for you. If not it is just a matter of creating accounts on the various distribution channels (websites) and uploading the book that the formatting service should have prepared for you. The sites that I am currently using are:

CreateSpace and Ingram Spark will distribute your books to a variety of sales points, including Amazon and Barns & Noble On-line. This is important because, according to one publisher’s content editor that I recently heard speak, Amazon currently sells over 70% of all books.

Once you have your book uploaded it takes as much as a couple of weeks for the cover to appear, but the text and opportunity to purchase the book is quicker.  So, where are you?  You are now on the edge of the marketing cliff. The lake is deep so jump in… you can’t just wade around in the shallow spots.

Marketing P bulletsTraditionally, marketing included product, price, placement, and promotion, but the internet, social media, and spamming ads are changing that approach.  Unknown, image downloaded from Google. I intend to write more on marketing in the future.


Everyone should agree, the key is making the connection with readers. It is easy to get lost in the crowd, but you cannot ignore Amazon if the speaker I heard is correct. There is a lot of debate how effective social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc, are at 1) reaching readers, and 2) encouraging sales. There are also genre specific author coops like FSFNet.com who specialize in Fantasy and Science Fiction authors/books. Recently, I submitted an article to LeRue Press‘s paper, What’s the Story. Lastly, plan on going to book signings; other than Amazon, getting in front of readers is essential. Word of mouth promotions is always a good thing.

I would encourage you, the writer/author, to use as many of the above channels as possible, time allowing. Keep in touch.

Amanda’s Quest Update

I have spent the last month pushing to polish the third set of chapters for Amanda’s Quest to submit to my beta readers. That has been completed and I have started the search for a new editor. I am looking for someone with experience in the fantasy genre. I hope to publish Amanda’s Quest in 2015.

In the meantime, I am designing the cover, working on enlarging the map found in The Legend of Jerrod, possibly adding a new map, and laying out battle diagrams for the truly fanatical fantasy readers, of which I include myself. I have finished the first dragon battle which is part of the chapters just submitted to the beta readers. In their current predicaments, all the characters are separated by the fates, Felicia, the witch from Cipper, has become more involved in their destinies, and Nathanial threatens the kingdom.

I anticipate that the main body of the Amanda’s Quest manuscript will be slightly shorter The Legend of Jerrod manuscript was. However, the History & Arms section will be longer, including a tactical depiction of a battle between Torrence and ….

Well, would that ruin it for you?

I love meeting and hearing from readers. Leave me a comment.

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Reflections – Why do I write?

I have taken pause this weekend to reflect on what should be a simple answer. I was asked, why do I write? The answer, because I want to bring a story to readers that they will enjoy.

Since Wednesday, I have received a Gold Medal Finalist Award for The Legend of Jerrod from the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, an international competition. I have spoken with two best selling authors (the first has 3 fiction/non-SciFi/Fantasy best sellers; the second is a best selling fantasy author with two books out). I have also communicated with a small traditional publisher and a self-publish publisher. Finally, I sat with two readers and had the opportunity to tell them about the book. I even gave one of them the chance to read the first part of Chapter 1 in Amanda’s Quest. Of all my experiences this last week, I think sitting with the readers was the best.

I wrote The Legend of Jerrod with a couple things in mind:

  • I wanted to write about an ordinary teenage boy with common struggles who achieves his dreams through fortitude and tenacity.
  • I wanted to have fun with the Prologue and Epilogue. The histories of Torrence are passed down by bards who sing to crowds. So, the introduction and closure of the book are presented by a legendary bard, Reginald.
  • I took the first few chapters to describe the Kingdom of Torrence, building the foundation for the series, while I began Jerrod’s story. It was my intent to be a little “Tolkienesque”. Not everyone would agree whether I was successful. The literary painting of the kingdom has worked for some and not for others.

One of the authors I spoke with this week felt the book never should have been published and encouraged me to do another major rewrite. The other said “…wish there was more dialog … you have a tendency to tell me instead of show me but you have an awesome voice…” Confused? I was.

When I spoke with the publishers we discussed marketing , trends, setting plans/schedules, and the quality of books being published. Of course, their was also some share puzzlement over Amazon. But in the end it was the thrill of the young lady if had just met who couldn’t wait to get home where her smart phone was charging so that she could order the Kindle version of The Legend of Jerrod.

It has never been about the money for me. I has been about creating an enjoyable story line for you, the reader. A follow-on questions was, how many readers? Certainly the more readers, the more enjoying the story…. and more money. I guess, indirectly, money will always find a way into consideration. Perhaps I should shoot for 10,000, but I will be happy when I pass the first 1,000 (print and eBook versions combined).

At the end of the weekend it has come down to one thing. The words of my University of Maryland creative writing professor that have been immortally etched into my mind for some time…

“Just write.”